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3 Best Options for your Business Cards

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gloss business cards

The best 3 options for your Business Cards

As the summer is upon us, businesses are turning their attention to ways to get ahead of the competition. Business cards continue to be one of the first impressions of your brand, and business card design has come a long way. Choosing the right finish can help differentiate your business cards from others as well as give your business an edge. Why not try one or a combination of the following business card finishes to really make your business card stand out.

1. Spot UV

spot uv business card

Some of the most popular finishing techniques for business cards! Varnish gives a smooth finish without adding too much weight to your business card. The varnish can be gloss, silk or matte to seal the paper and help it last longer. With spot UV, you can highlight different parts of your design such as logos, design elements or text. Choose from a gloss or matt varnish to create texture, visual interest and help enhance the colour and overall effect of your business card.

2. Die Cut

die cut business card

Die cutting is simply the process of cutting the card into different shapes or cutting out shapes within the card. This type of finishing is has become quite popular as a way to give business cards a unique edge. Whether it be round corners, a logo shape cut out, or a series of cut-outs along the bottom, anything with a die cut is noticeably different.

3. Laminated or Gloss

gloss business cards

Often associated with wood, a varnish is a liquid coating that is added to your paper to give a smooth and consistent finish without adding to much weight to the paper stock. The varnish can be glossy or matte and will seal your paper not to mention – help to preserve it. This option is particularly popular for leaflets and booklets.

As you can see, print materials engage the senses in a way that online media simply can’t. Adding that special finishing touch makes print look amazing and speaks volumes about your business.

Choosing the Right Finish

You noticed that each one of these finishing print options give a different look and an extra edge to the cards, having a good finish can set you apart from everyone else. As you can see, you don’t have to go with only one finish, you can mix them up with a lot of creativity and come up with a total unique business card.

For advice on the perfect finish for your marketing materials, speak to the print experts at EssexBanners today.

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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