3 reasons why outdoor banners help boost your advertising

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Whilst using posters and banners inside your business or shop is standard practice for most companies, taking that big leap outdoors can often be a better approach. Whether it’s the cost or perhaps even a fear of the unknown and the outside world, promoting your business and your product using small and large posters can have many benefits.

In this blog post we take a look the top reasons to consider printing outdoors next year and the benefits it could bring to you and your business.

1. Connect with local passing customers.

An outdoor Banner can be found on many places including fences, walls and even the sides of many buildings. It can help give your business some serious exposure. But that’s not all, creating an Banner allows you lots of space to get creative.

Creative print engages the general public; it gets people talking and generates interest in your product or service. Placing a QR code on your outdoor print work will also allow people to get more information on your business and it’s all instantaneous for you and your customer.

pvc banner
outdoor banner

2. You tell your local area what your about.

Sometimes it can be difficult to let the world know who you are and what you do. With the cost of online marketing these days this can be expensive. Look to outdoor printing next year and see which works best for you.

A vinyl banner placed outside your business can give your customer all the information they need and they are also a great way to highlight offers or discounts. This will draw the customer towards you, allowing you to speak to them before they even enter your premises. Think of outdoor posters and banners as a silent salesperson.

outdoor banner
pvc banner

3. Cheapest way of advertising…cost.

As a business owner you already know the cost of social media advertising and google Adwords. As good as these marketing campaigns are, they soon eat into your budget costing you hundreds per month.

With a good sized outdoor PVC Banner placed in the correct place catching potentially hundreds of passing trade daily. There is no comparison.

This cost could go from over £100 a month google Adword campaign to a 6ft x 2ft Banner costing £30 and lasting years outside.

If you’re thinking about taking the leap into outdoor advertising, contact us today. We’re experts in print and are dedicated to helping you achieve all your business goals.

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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