Happy Birthday Banners

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birthday banner

 Happy Birthday Banners

Happy birthday banners are popular for any parties, inside and out. Luckily, whatever the season or whatever the party theme, here at Essex Banners we’ve got you covered.

Check out some of the awesome things you can do with our PVC and Mesh Banners.

Kids Birthday Party

The trend in child birthday parties seems to involve a lot of signage – signs welcoming guests, signs for each activity, you name it.  No matter what you have planned, if there is a sign involved we can make it. Or even design it for you.  The same goes for decorations for the party itself.

One of our customers outlined how he complete set out his house for his son’s birthday party including table runners, wall decals, magnetic invitations, banners, and Correx Boards. He was thrilled to have his house covered in cars for the big day and his parents were thrilled, too.

birthday banner
birthday banner

Perhaps the coolest part of the birthday was the birthday banner that featured in the above picture and some of his favourite pictures printed on the sign. Not only was it used as part of the party, but also can be stored for a future keepsake. Whether it is a keepsake showcasing your child’s personality or simply a birthday banner with an image or picture of your child. Essex Banners can produce it and, if you need, help you design it at no extra charge.

Milestone Birthdays

Just as popular as birthday banners for kids are birthday signs for those “milestone” birthdays. These birthdays are those special “big” birthdays, like a loved one’s 50th, 60th, or even 90th birthday. As lots of family and friends gather around to celebrate, you can make that milestone even more special by creating a banner for the event. Create a banner that shares memories, photos or both from the person’s life as a way to celebrate not just this year’s birthday, but a life full of accomplishments and memories.

birthday banner

Themed Birthday Parties

The other very popular thing to do for birthday parties is to use signs and décor to create a themed party.  Create a day at the zoo, race track or pirate party with custom signs and decorations that bring your child’s birthday to life.  Decorating with custom signs instantly transforms your space into the perfect place for a celebration.

Whatever the birthday occasion or the personality of the person you’re celebrating, we’ve got you covered.  Drop us a email or visit our website

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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