Top printing tips for your next trade show!

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Get ready for your next trade show!


Putting together a top eye catching stand at your next trade show can be tough. Hundreds of other exhibitors are competing for the attention of the same potential customers/clients. To reach them, your stand, artwork and printing materials must be on point. Our steps will help you get ready for your next trade show.

trade show stand

Printing Materials


Bring your stand to life and encourage people to visit with the right marketing materials and giveaways. How you decide to advertise your appearance, can be vital to whether your event is successful or not. See below some of our popular selling products for people attending their trade show.

Flyers and Leaflets


Its vital the customer takes something away with them after visiting your stand. Flyers or leaflets hold more information than a business card and are perfect for showcasing your offers or product launch details – as well as incentives.  A MUST for your exhibition marketing. Its something physically they can take away from your stand.

Banner Stands


Traditional roller banners are the marquee of any trade shows. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Angle your banner away from your stand to catch onlookers’ attention. Also try to find the right balance between imagery and description. We can help you with your designs if you are struggling with this. A good combination is 2/3 together creating one big backdrop or image.

trade show



Posters come come in all sizes including custom. Placing posters in and around the trade show venue can be hugely beneficial. Before you plan your posters, speak to the event organiser, as there may be a small fee to pay for advertising outside your booth. If so, there is nothing stopping you from filling your booth with posters.


Business Cards


Many people seem to think business cards are phasing out. People are looking for ways to use business cards more effectively while at a Trade Show. But business cards are easy to promote an individual within the business and they fit easy into a possible customers pocket for later viewing.

When you hand over your business card at a trade show, you want it to evoke the right response. So always look at the different options for business cards. Because a business card is your customers first impression of you.



Giving away a pen is probably the most stereotypical free gift at a trade show, but it is a cliche because it works. Pens are cheap and easy to brand, while also being useful enough that people will take them away and use them. Think how many pens you’ve got that you’ve used for years, looking at the logo each time.

Another common free gift is a mug. These are chosen because they provide a large blank canvas for your branding, while also being useful enough to be taken home (or more typically to the office). They are a great option to spread awareness, especially if they are used in a workplace where they will often be used by many different people.

brand mug

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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