What is Correx Board?

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Correx board

What is Correx Board?

Printing on Correx Board offers the perfect balance of cost, quality and durability. These boards are both lightweight and rigid, ideal for communicating messages while being easy to transport and install. Read on to discover more about the range.

Correx boards are made from corrugated polypropylene, also known as fluted plastic board. This material makes for reliable signage due to its rigidity, and colourfast, waterproof and weatherproof properties.

Correx Board


When to choose Correx?

Estate agents use Correx boards for an easy to assemble sign displaying their contact details outside properties for sale. These signs alert potential buyers to the property, as well as raising general brand awareness to passers-by.

Construction companies adhere to the strict safety laws in their industry with Correx signs. These signs outline on-site rules, potential safety hazards, and warn of danger to unauthorised personnel. Correx can withstand all types of weather, perfect for outdoor use.

Event organisers will find Correx ideal for directional signage. Help attendees find the entrance, exit, toilets, bar and stages with temporary Correx signs. These lightweight boards are easy to transport and fast to assemble. Plus, they are rigid and weatherproof, so wind and rain won’t ruin the day, or the signage!

Tradespeople use signs on-site to raise awareness of their company. A lightweight Correx sign displaying their company details is easily affixed to scaffolding or fencing and will raise awareness of their company to passers-by.



Our Products

We offer Correx printing on 6mm corrugated polypropylene. Choose from a range of sizes, from a compact 100 x 100 mm up to an unmissable 1100 x 1520 mm. For added protection and an even larger size, add a gloss or matt lamination and choose any size up to 1200 x 2400 mm. Prices start at £4 , and turnaround time is from 3 working days.

Contact us directly for more details 01708 200 166

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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