What is Foamex?

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What is Foamex?

So. What is Foamex I hear you say?! If you’re looking for a rigid, durable and lightweight sign, then why not try foamex? Despite its name, there’s no foam involved, just a board made from extruded PVC that comes in a range of thicknesses and is waterproof too. You can bend, cut, glue and drill foamex with no problem, making it versatile and fabrication friendly. It’s ideal for use for display boards.

Can I use foamex outside?

foamex boards
outdoor foamex boards

Definitely. It’s weatherproof and water resistant so you can use it anywhere and it won’t take on water or get damaged by the elements. Obviously it’s excellent for indoor use too.

How easy is foamex to mount?

Foamex is strong and rigid so you can use screws or velcro to mount your display signs. Your display and advertising boards will also have excellent stability when mounted.

What should I use foamex for?

With its fine cellular structure, foamex is the top choice of digital printers as it’s easy to create signage, display panels and banners that look far more expensive than they are.

What are the advantages of foamex?

With the typical lifespan of a sign being 3-5 years, foamex is a cost-effective alternative to materials like plywood. Durable yet lightweight, you have plenty of hanging options and even when you need a quick turnaround using our same day foamex printing service, your display board or sign will look as if it’s of the highest quality. Foamex also has a class 1 fire rating and can be produced with an anti-static coating to repel dust and dirt.

Any drawbacks?

Not really. It may not be quite as long lasting as some other materials when used outside, but the free laminate we supply with our foamex will protect your sign when used together with the waterproof inks in our same day foamex printing service.

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Want to know more about beautiful, long lasting and cost-effective foamex signage for your business? Then contact our friendly, knowledgeable team at Essex Banners on 01708 200166.

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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