Why choose Banner Stands ? FAQ

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banner stand

Banner Stands

Deciding which banner stand can lead to many questions from companies during the planning process. From deciding on the best design concept to picking the most suitable type.

This will all require some consideration. We enjoy helping individuals make the right decision online when they are looking for the perfect print solutions for their job.

With this in mind we have decided to answer some questions on banner stands to make your decision making process easier.

What is the difference between a pop out banner and pull up banner?


A pull up banner stand is that you simply pull up and put into place while a pop out banner quickly pops out and needs pegging down.

Pop up banners are popular for outdoor shows and should be viewed as a long term investment.

Pull up banners are cheaper and more suited to short term use either inside your place of business or at a trade show. Pull up banners can also be known as roller or roll up banner stands.

Can banner stands be used outdoors?


They can, but it is advised to use them indoors only to avoid the potential of damage due to wind and other outdoor elements.

If you need a banner to promote something outdoors then vinyl banners are the best choice as they can cope with the wear and tear that comes with this environment, and can also be easily secured to a fence or wall.

For a outdoor banner stand, we would recommend a Outdoor banner X Stand as these come with a weighted b.

Do banner stands take long to assemble?


They can be erected in seconds by using a telescopic pole that rolls up and simply slots into the base.

They easly collapse at the end of the day, the banner graphic will simply roll away into the base.

What size is the design are you have to work with?


The area for banner stands is a large area. Our pull up stands are 2000mm high with 6 widths available.

All our stands are 2000mm high and start from 800mm too 1500mm in width.

banner stands
Some examples different sizes pull up banners


We hope this blog has cleared up some questions you had about banner stands.

For more information get in touch with our team today. info@essexbanners.com

Pull up banners
800mm Banner Stands
Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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