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Why custom personalised mugs boost your company

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company mug

Let a personalised custom mug do your advertising for you.

There’s nothing more comforting during one of those long work meetings, than taking a swig of tea from your mug. What if that mug just happened to be a free gift that you’d received when signing up for your new gym membership.

We love to receive free gifts, Better still if they are useful and can be used in our daily lives. Promotional products like branded mugs are a great way to get your brand in front of your target customers every day – at the office on their desks, at home, or on-the-go with a travel mug.


custom mug
Brand mug

Here are a few reasons why promotional mugs are still topping the charts as being one of the most promotional gifts:

One very good reason is they’re tried and tested.  If you’re worried about how well your gifts may be received by your customers, and you’d like a low risk, high impact product. Then promotional mugs are an ideal solution.

People will always appreciate receiving a mug to sip on their tea and coffee throughout the day! It’s important that people receive a gift they genuinely appreciate, because they will then associate that positivity with your brand name. Which will instil a positive attitude towards your company.

The more awareness you build with your existing and potential customers, the more chance you have of them choosing your products. The impact of promo mugs on brand awareness is massive.

People stated they always remember the brand name or name of the company for a long period of time after receiving it. FACT

Research revealed that over 94% of those who participated in the study said that they remember the brand after using a branded mug.

company mug
company mug

And finally, don’t mug them off!

Don’t discard mugs as a promotional item because you think they might be over used, too safe or boring. They will likely remain one of the most popular promotional items for many years to come. In whatever way you decide to use promotional mugs in your marketing campaigns, they’re a great way to build awareness and increase sales in the long run.

Contact us now for a quick, competitive quote or head to our custom mugs page.

Danny Tyler

Danny Tyler

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